• Specially designed for the multi platform to see the spectrometer readings ONLINE. This enables to take quick decisions on the melting platform.
  • Consists of 16 displays for Heat No. time and any elements chosen by the foundry men to be displayed.

  • Can be connected to any model and make of spectrometer.

  • Standard display has 4 digits and height 1.
    Large size displays with 2" or 4" height of individual digits are also available.
    Large displays have visibility from a longer distance.

  • Any number of more elements can be incorporated in display at additional cost.
  • Alert from arrival of new reading from spectrometer.

  • Alert from out of range reading.

  • Wired and Wireless models available.
    Wireless models are particularly used in big foundries where distance between spectrometer and melting platform is large.
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