Temperature Tip TC
For universal use, interchangeable with hardware from Suyash and other major manufacturers. TemPro gives fast and very accurate temperature readings. Recommended for furnaces and ladles of 1 ton or more, and when particularly reliable and accurate measurements are required.
Temperature Tip TP
Fast and accurate temperature sensors for use in large furnaces, or applications that require deep immersion (electric arc furnaces, large induction or holding furnaces).
Temperature TC and TP appearance
Temperature Tip TM
Hard and accurate temperature sensor to be used with authomatic manipulator made by BSE.
Temperature TM appearance
Temperature Tip SL
A non- splash temperature sensor for single use when a deep immersion is required. Applications: furnaces, tundishes, ladles and pouring stations.
Temperature Tip CM
A non- splash temperature sensor for multiple measurements. Applications: where the operator is close to the liquid metal, small induction furnaces, tundishes, small ladles and pouring stations.
Temperature SL and CM appearance
Temperature Tip CL
Temperature sensor with long quartz for slag-free applications. Designed for ferrous (S and R) and non-ferrous applications. Foundry use: ladles, pots, runners, pouring spouts, crucibles, small furnaces. Also available with extra ceramic sleeve protection (instead of cardboard tube) for multiple reading applications. Recommended for foundry ladles, pouring stations and in all those cases when a high degree of safety for the operator must be guaranteed.
Temperature CL appearance
Foundary Applications
Temperature model
Suyash Instrumentation
Electric Arc
Cupola Pourin
Aluminium Brass Bronze Copper
Carbon Silicon Analyser
Temperature TC
Temperature TP
Temperature SL
Temperature CL
Temperature CM  
Steel making plants applications
Temperature model
Suyash Instrumentation
TemPro TC
TemPro TP
TemPro SL
TemPro TM
Application:   Thermocouple Type
Length of paper tube (mm)   Nylon Connector Type   Metal Cap
Packing (no of pieces per box)   Inner diameter of paper tube (mm)  
1. Sturdy non-ferrous or steel cap protects the sensitive element from slag and floating solids and provides complete protection against rough handling and shipping damage. Yet, it melts away quickly in bath to expose the thermocouple.  
2. Thermocouple: Platinum, 10% rhodium-platinum (type S), platinum, 13% rhodium-platinum (type R), or platinum, 30% rhodium-platinum , 6% rhodium (type B) . The thermocouple has electrically welded measuring junction, and electrically welded junctions between couple and compensating terminal leads.  
3. Refractory body, featuring low thermal conductivity, is cast after the measuring junction is carefully positioned. It consists of one-piece construction, and has no grooves, seams or holes that could permit thermal errors.  
4.Thermocouple housing holder in plastic or in ceramic. It is in plastic for application where instruments are stable with a range of +/- 3 °C for 0.8/1 second. It is in ceramic for applications where instruments are stable with a range of +/- 1,5°C ¬†for 1/1,2 seconds.  
5. Welded junctions between noble and base metal are centrally embedded in refractory body to assure constant junction temperature during immersion.
6. Slide-type receptacle assembly mounts simply and quickly on holder assembly pipe.
7. Paper protection tube: rigid and seamless. Heavy wall thickness virtually eliminates holder maintenance due to excessive furnace exposure; easy to strip off holder.  
8. Terminal receptacle with properly spaced, compensated terminals provides automatically polarized, self-cleaning contact with the compensated ring-terminals of the female receptacle.  
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